Tarzan Pirate Ship

Tarzan Pirate Ship

Yep, you heard right!  A tarzan themed pirate ship!  This is just an incredible build and we have absolutely loved planning and building this project.  Just a quick look through the pictures and you can see how incredible this really is.

This is the thank you letter the client sent us...


"I wanted to say thank you again for carrying out such a creative and effective project with us. We were really impressed with your time-keeping, tidiness and work ethic. It was an amazing achievement to keep it a secret from the children through out the build (a testament to your low-impact presence) and it really added to the magic when we did the big 'reveal'! We are so pleased with the results and have been showing it off to everyone who comes over! And most importantly the children think it is absolutely awesome!

We actually did the reveal before Christmas. I sprinkled glitter all around the ground outside and inside the build. I made a comment when we woke up that I though I had heard banging and sawing last night and it had kept me up. Then, when we all went out to the vegetable patch to pick some stuff they saw it and dashed straight over. When she first saw it the eldest girl Phoebe though it must have been built by a Pirate named Captain Purple-Hair (who often arranged quests for them in the garden) but then she saw the glitter, gasped and whispered 'the fairies did it' . I had left letters from the fairies inside describing how the elves helped them with the build. It was amazing! Since then we have had many picnics inside and are looking forward to an over-nighter when it warms up a little. They love everything about it. Even the other day Phoebe went up to her younger brother Welly and said simply 'thank you so much for wishing for the tarzan treehouse' (it was, after-all, his coin in the wishing well that triggered all of this).

Thanks again for delivering such a great result."

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