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Being ‘treehouse loving’, ‘zip wire thrilling’, designers and builders, you may not be surprised to hear that we’re not big fans of paperwork and admin.  However, jokes aside, we pride ourselves on running a professional and successful business.  Hence, we have a few questions below to ask you regarding your enquiry that will help us respond as knowledgeably and efficiently as possible.  The more information you can provide, the more we can get you ‘right first time’ answers and the quicker we can come round, drink your tea, eat your biscuits and build you an awesome treehouse or zip wire!

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Pure & simple: we only use your information to help you.  We also have a friendly “unsubscribe” policy.  Having your information in our system is essential if you commission us, and helps us recall pertinent information if time elapses between our communications.

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Have a quick question? Contact us by phone on 01590 677449 / 07814 394232 or please email mr.treehouse@aol.com to discuss any of our treehouse services.